We are pet lovers who want the best for our and your pets. A powerful and inspired team consisting of 2 hoomans, 8 paws and lots of furrrr…

Living with animals for 20 years we learned how demanding they can be in terms of choosing their own toys, beds, food, clothes, accessories etc.

Life with a hunting dog and a blind cat taught us what happiness means and that with the power of soul anything is pawsible…


PawsLand is a specialty retailer that focuses on nurturing the powerful relationship between people and pets.

We do this by providing the products, services and advice that keep your pets physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged and emotionally happy.

Everything we do is guided by our vision for healthier pets, happier people and a better world.

Meet the PawsLand team

proffessional model

Hey there i’m Clio, a duffy English Setter with great taste at all wearables…All collars-leashes-coats-sweaters look fabulous on me…


Hey furrends, I’m Toula, a former stray cat who found her perfect victim when I met Clio. My innate curiosity to make toys out af all things makes me the perfect Research and Development manager

proffessional model

“The cousin”…Dipla (wrinkle) is my name and that’s cause I had cute little wrinkles when I was just a pup coming from a Sharpei mother and a Pointer father…that was about 15 years ago…oooops i’m still fabulous though

product testing

Volidas = bolt

my name came up during my first summer when I was almost paralyzed from an accident with my brothers and my new family took me on a trip on the beach….It was then that I bolted at the sight of a seagull

product testing-model

aka The last of the Mohicans…as I was the last of my siblings to survive on a Greek island where I found my new family who instantly fell in love with me…my other name is “Pincers” as nothing ever survives my jaws…that’s why I am the perfect guy for the job

marketing specialist - customer support

Inspired by the paws and the fur around me (the more the better) I focus on the creative part of everything seeing the world with a touch of romance and daydream


shop owner - customer support

While looking for pet supplies for our “extended” family I cought myself always asking for more….Better quality, larger variety, good prices and partners I could trust…And so PawsLand was born